PS5 Damaged motherboard Component close to the PSU conector, I dont know how to identify, can you help me?

Customer came to the store, according to him he was playing for a few hours and sudenly the ps5 shutdown, now when try to turn it back on it light up with the blue pulsing light and then it shuts down, upon opening the case and visually checking the motherboard there is a visual component close to the psu terminal that is visibly burned, could somebody help me to identify this component and if possible point me to somewhere where I can get a replacement so I can try to replace it? I have hopes that replacing this component could make it work again. ( this ps5 has been repaired before, the hdmi port has been replaced, but the motherboard does not show any other visual damage and the hdmi area and pins dont look too bad, I dont think they cause this problem, PS5 also have traces of being a the habitat of a few cockroaches before, but it does not seems to have any now/lately)

motherboard says EDM-031, I think this is the model of the board, component is right next to the β€œF3501” printed letters on the board, markings on the 8 terminal ic seems to be β€œTI24 ???K” the interrogation marks are the the letters that I am unable to read because of the damage on the ic.

I was hoping I could post some pictures here to make it easier, can someone tell me how to upload a picure here or how to post a link to the pictures in my googe drive? ( when I try to post a picture here it says I cannot post embed content in my reply, I dont know what that means)

check these two, they should be same as the one next to F3501 area.
If Label is β€œ1D6K”, it should be TPS2001D

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Great! thank you so much, the markings on the chip really do seem to match, would you recommend somewhere I can purchase that ic from?

where ever you could buy it, not many place have this chip on sale as far as I know