PS5 Disc Edition Freezes

My PS5 has begun to freeze more and more for the past few months and it now keeps freezing similar to the ps5s in tronicsfix 15 ps5. That was a few years ago now so I’m hopeful that there is a solution. I’ve opened it and the liquid metal seems a bit lacking so I intend to fix that but is there any other solution?

Just fixed up the liquid metal and nothing. Gonna pull an m.2 out of my pc and try that to test if it is an ssd issue. If it is, how would I know which chip is the issue or would I have to replace them all?

An english streamer/youtuber (theCod3r) tried to change the ssd mem chips one by one. After every single ic swap, he reinstalled the firmware. Because of his messiness and unfocused working (from my personal point of view!) I’m not sure if it led the right way to solve a possible defect mem ic.

From my understanding so far:

  • the ssd controller ic is not married to the board
  • the ssd mem ics are exchangeable

It would be very helpfull, if there is a way to enable UART output like at the PS4, which shows the system status live.

I’ve tried using an m.2 but I get the same issue. I’ve had a look at the vrm but it doesn’t seem like there is an issue. Granted, I’m not totally sure what I’m looking for with the vrm but the capacitors all have 12v when plugged in and the coils all have continuity. There may be something I’m missing there, I am not sure.
I checked the continuity with ground for the small capacitors on the back side of the apu and they all seem to have very little resistance to ground. It was hard to get exact but it doesn’t seem to be quite zero but very close to. Is this normal? If the apu was shorted I would have thought it just not turn on. Another thing I noticed is a lot of the liquid metal seemed to have run off the apu originally and into the corners of the foam. A quick look seemed like the foam was adhered well but is it at all possible liquid metal seeped under the cover and is causing a short?

Tried the m.2 work around but I get the same error. Guess that rules out the ssd.

The little resistance to ground on APU caps is normal. If you power on the PS5 you should meassure 0.9 V at those caps. If there is a short on those lines, the PS5 wouldn’t start at all.

Same with the liquid metall. If it spills and shorting the APU, the PS5 wouldn’t start.