Ps5 edm-010 wlod


I am looking for some guidance with this PS5 that i’m struggling to get working. It was a no power issue that has now turned into white light no video. I fixed the power supply then got single beep no power, replaced the encoder due to shorts around the chip and got white light no video. I then replaced the HDMI port and another encoder and still have the same issue. I used a thermal camera and 2 things are getting hot on the board. A chip labeled m022 504x and 5 leg connector near hdmi labeled y18k6. I checked the voltages of the Y18K6 connector and voltages are fine. No shorts around either chip.

Any help or any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.

Tagging @jkyoho bc is a beast.

forgot to add the temps.

The m022 504x is getting to 65 and the Y18k6 is getting to 50 degrees.

Show the area you worked on, not just random picture online.
I assume you checked all 19 pins diode reading on HDMI port?

Sorry did not have access to the pictures when posting. will update later.

Yes I checked all 19 pins diode reading on HDMI all normal.
checked all readings on encoder all normal.
Cannot find any shorts on top or bottom of board around HDMI area.

I have the ps5 which is doing the same

Could you help me identify the chip circled in red. I ordered and replaced it with TLV75509PDBVR but it causes no power beep. Original chip does work with white light no video. This chip is getting significantly hot when powered on.

Isn’t that ic you ordered output 0.9v fixed? And from Picture 1 you could tell output should be 1.8v no?

I cant believe I overloooked that. I pulled the part from another post. Thank you.