Ps5 (EDM-020) 2 Sec BLOD

Hey dear community, here’s a quick bit of information:

This text was translated because I come from Germany and unfortunately my English is not sufficient for specialist topics.

Thave a Ps5 disc version (EDM-020) with a 2 second

BLOD. In the screenshot I have marked the area by having short circuits. Unfortunately, with the thermal imaging camera and 1.5V injection I couldn’t find any abnormalities. I have already unsoldered all the parts in this area. However, the short circuit remains. Can anyone tell me what possible causes this could have or what areas are connected to the line?

I will try to attach the pictures to the comment section. I get an error when i try to upload them here :frowning:

Is that one ceramic cap cracked or just scratched, also were those two components top and top left missing prior to your investigation or were they removed due to short finding?

The short circuit remains even if I desolder the 3 capacitors and the IC. Unfortunately, I don’t know what other components are connected to the circuit.

On the back, the circuit is logically shorted. I have already checked all the components there.

I have this exact same short, although mine is also missing a 3.3v and has no life. Have you found anything yet?

No, you? :frowning:
I found nothing

Found these 2 next to the APU capacitors, not part of the low impedance section but does trace through the APU