Ps5 EDM-020 Long pulsing BLOD but safe mode works

Hey everyone. My PS5 sporadically boots into safe mode. As soon as I want to select one of the 7 options where the PS5 restarts, it shuts down. When I try to turn it back on I get a 2-3 second BLOD. Sometimes I just have a long pulsing BLOD. It always varies whether it boots into safe mode or crashes again. I suspect it’s the SSD controller. After visual inspections and measurements at the usual locations on the mainboard, I couldn’t find any errors. Do you have any ideas? It is an EDM-020

If you plug a bench powersupply at the mainboard, what is the ampere readings sequence over the first five seconds?

A sequence from a working board looks somehow like this:

Hey Calvin, thank you for your answer. The console starts at 0.008A and then goes up to about 0.3A. The current then drops steeply again to 0.009A. I don’t see any unusual discrepancies using your graph as a reference.

There maybe an issue with the APU. Could be liquid metal found a way through the sealing to the surface or a problem with the connections from the APU to the board.

I have also a PS5 with long BLOD. And the only thing what is standing a bit out is a value from one testpoint (red marking).