PS5 (EDM-020) overheating straight after booting

Hello! And thanks in advance for your help!

Ive got an EDM-020 PS5 with a weird issue I havent seen before. It came to me with a dead fan, which I replaced, and now it boots up to a white light and a message on the screen about plugging the controller in, but then the fan goes turbo and it shuts itself down.

It seems to be an overheating issue because if I try and turn it on again immediately after that, it doesn’t get as far before the fan goes wild and it shuts down. If I leave it to cool down for a while before turning it on again it will get all the way to white light again.

There’s nothing obvious on the board, can’t find any shorts or suspicious components. The fan, PSU and heatsink are clean and free of dust. I dont know what specifically is getting hot - trying to sort out borrowing a thermal camera from a friend to investigate. Could it be a liquid metal issue? Or have I got a bigger issue? I’ve got a couple of pics of the board and the liquid metal, but the forum isn’t letting me add them for some reason.

Thanks again!

You can upload the pics at a hoster and share the link here. If you can’t post links, add character before the link.

Thanks for the tip! Here are the pics:



saw your post from other side. So I repost the picture here for you.

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Why is the lower plate unscrewed from the heat sink and the clap still on the APU?
There is no screw which holds the lower plate on the heat sink. So there will be no force which holds the heat sink at the APU…

I took this picture after I had disassembled the console, so it did have all the screws when I opened it up. I put most of them back before I tested it again (after cleaning it and checking the board etc), but maybe I’ll test it with every screw replaced as well.

I’m confused. In no scenario, at testing a PS5, I have a state where the APU clamp is still mounted on the APU and the lower plate is detached to the heat sink. :thinking:

It is hard to see, if the APU is ok or not. I would clean the liquid metal from the APU (with IPA and a cotton swap) and make sure that the surface of the middle part is completely shiny/mirror-like and than reapply liquid metal again.

The PS5 is overclocked from Sony by default and leads to very fast heating up. So it is not possible to run the PS5 without heat sink without shutting itself off after a couple of seconds.

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I was just in the process of reassembling it to test and thought I’d snap a picture - I wasnt testing it with the screws out, I promise!

Cool, I’ve bought some LM so I’ll give that a go, thanks.

The liquid metal has come off the middle area of the apu and fallen into the lower area between the barrier and the main apu heat dispersion area so you’ll need to get a liquid metal syringe of ebay or somewhere to fix it

It doesn’t need cleaning it needs moving back on

HannahMakes states that there is a overheating problem and the PS5 was full assembled. After looking at the pictures of the liquid metal on the APU and on the heat sink, I think it would very helpfull to clean the APU side, make sure that there is no corrosion or dry spots and reapply evenly liquid metal.


Wait that happens with ps5’s that never used to happen with the ps4’s it must be a side effect of the liquid metal or something that the ps4’s didn’t have due to using thermal paste

Thanks everyone for your help! I cleaned off the existing LM and reapplied fresh conductonaut LM, put everything back together and all seems to be sorted now! Can’t believe a little bit of liquid metal is all it took!