PS5 EDM-030 Beep No Power Blown F7001

This PS5 is owned by my friend and it stopped working. He took it into a local shop, where they supposedly replaced a bad power supply. However, they returned it to him still not working. So, I have decided to take a look at it for him. What I have found so far is that this is an EDM-030 board and that fuse F7001 was blown. I can confirm I am getting 12v to the board and that the area I have circled is directly shorting to ground. I cannot figure out where this section goes to, so that I can test for further bad components. A visual inspection of everything on the board doesn’t show anything obviously damaged or defective. Does anyone have any advice on where I should look, or provide any guides that I could look at? Thank you!

F7001 is the 5v_standby fuse, since you have short to ground on boot side it could be a short on 5v_standby rail anywhere.
Best way to find it is voltage injection plus thermal camera.
I dont think that’s something can be done without experience or popper tools