PS5 eject disk only when forced

Hi everyone. I’m back with yet another problem with my PS5 optical drive. I already had a problem that I solved.
For a month now, and increasingly (at the beginning it was once in ten, now it’s ALWAYS), the drive ejects the disc only if I hold down the eject button, thus starting a sort of forced ejection in which the disk is thrown out forcefully. What do you think the problem could be? Could it be those sort of rubberized screws on the player that are a little too tight? I had read that you had to tighten them ‘just right’ once, but I’m not sure that’s the problem. Thanks in advance to who will answer me.

Video : ht tps://

does it beep when you single press eject button?
Cant hear anything from that vid.

Yes, sorry, I turned down the sound in the settings. On a theoretical level the system works normally but then what you saw on the video happens. After the first beep the console no longer detects the disc, as if it had ejected it.

worth to open up the disc drive and clean up roller check if anything misalign