Ps5 extremely loud disc drive

Since the day I got it my ps5 has been making an extremely loud buzzing noise coming from the disc drive. I opened up the console to attempt to find the cause and I was unable to. Has anyone had any luck trying to fix this?

Yes this is the only thing I’ve managed to fix on mine. What I done was put a disc in the console then turn off the console with a disc inside then take the panel off the disc side, on the disc drive there is a black sticker that covers the manual eject screw, take the sticker off and manually turn it to eject the disc, when it’s out reassemble the console and turn it back on then insert the disc it should work fine now? Well it did the trick for me. These ps5’s are not the best made consoles lol.

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Well, oddly enough the problem went away by itself after being used a bit more. It also seems to change the noise depending on which disc is inserted. And honestly, I would be perfectly fine with the noise if there wasn’t some dumb glitch causing the drive to spin every hour or so