PS5 Fan PWM Jumper

Hi, a client brought in a PS5 recently which had already been worked on by another repair shop. The previous shop had torn off the fan connector and all of its pads from the motherboard and then superglued it back on. It’s my understanding that the brown cable is 12V, black is GND, and that grey is for control(PWM). Unfortunately, the control pin didn’t seem to have a trace that I could easily see and attach a jumper to. Wondering if you guys know if there is a spot on the board that correlates to that control pin. Please understand that all the contacts in the direct vicinity of the fan connecter are covered in super glue.

Thank you!

Did you ever figure this out? I’ve got a short to ground on my pwm pin so it would immensely help me in fault finding if I knew where the via went. Thanks!

I shorted the pwm signal pin with the power or ground pin, when i tried to replace the fan. Have you found a solution to fix it? The PS5 will not turn on anymore. Thx

How exactly you short them? Do you still have short on signal pins?

I tried to measure the pwm signal (frequency) on the ps5 fan header. I connected an osci to the pwm signal and then tried to connect ground but there i sadly touched with the clamp (instead of just GND) both pin 12V+ and GND. Then the screen turned black and the ps5 went off. I can not turn it on anymore (no lights and no signal when pressung the On button). But when i measure the voltage of the fan hub. I still get 12V when connected. Thanks in advance

Just my 2 cents. Start looking and small chips and googling numbers. If your lucky it wont be a custom PS chip and will give you the datasheet. Then you can run jumper to chip directly.

Is there a VIA (hole in that trace area)? Can you take a close photo of the damaged area? Maybe able to help.

From what i read, theres a gold/copper square on the OPPOSITE side of the board that is also a PWM you can link to.

Do you solved this problem please ?