PS5 Graphical Artifacting dying APU or bad HDMI/Encoder

Hi fellow fixers,

Recently i bought a pallet load of PS5s most were easy repairs e.g dead Caps, Blown PSUs, broken HDMIs or dead USB ports but these last few have got me stumped some reach the dashboard but glitch horribly with what i call sparkling and others go though the initial start up splash screen then crash and reboot infinitely.

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck fixing them as from what i can see the only thing these have in common are the lack of decent Liquid Metal and a loose APU sponge leading me to believe some liquid metal might have hit the APU.

Any pointers or solution would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.


From my knowledge, if the liquid metal is shorting the APU the PS5 will not turn on. A problem with the HDMI cause black screen, no booting, maybe problems with the resolution on the screen.
Glitching, artefacts and sparkling dots are APU or RAM issues.

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Thought as much but are we talking about the Ram Chips closest to the APU or the Back Up 4gb SKhynix chip nearest the rear of the board as obviously we dont have Mats or AMD diagnostic tools to determine the offending chip so i might just replace the lot and see if that solves it.

The gddr6 ram ics in question are the eight surounding the APU. The single 4 Gb ddr4 ram belongs to the ssd.

Perfect, ill get these chips knocked off and see if i can pinpoint the issue otherwise these are just going to be donor boards.

Guess ill start with the closest 3 chips as those are supposed to be the least cooled chips i doubt theres going to be overheating on the chips that would be visible under a thermal scope?

Just another quick one i’ve just got another PS5 with a green screen issue is this related to the SSD controller or a dead apu as itll happily play PS4 games without issue its just PS5 games