PS5 HDMI chip replaced but the resolution is incorrect

I gave my ps5 for repair and the guy told me he had to replace the HDMI retimer chip. After the replacement the guy told me that the ps5 works but the resolution is stuck to 480p. He told me he is working on it but I am very sure he is stuck. I have been waiting on it for more than 3 weeks now. I am kind of sad as it was a gift from my girlfriend and despite spending $200 on the repair it is still not working. Someone please help.

either the ic is faulty or you have to replace another ic in that area. just dont remember which one.

you can try checking if the HDMI cable or your display is the issue. Try using a different HDMI cable, and see if your TV or monitor has any settings that are forcing it to display at 480p. Some TVs have specific HDMI ports that support higher resolutions, so try plugging the PS5 into a different port.