PS5 HDMI repair

Hi, I got a PS5 with HDMI issue. So this is what’s happening : the PS5 turns on without problem with blinking blue light and constant white light in the end. I can turn on the PS5 with the controller. I can hear second beep when I stay pressed on power button so it enter in safe mode. In short, it works perfectly but there not video output. I checked every everything : cable issue, trying to change resolution (by watching video on YouTube), … but nothing changes. How lucky I am to be an electronics engineer, I looked on the motherboard but there is no short circuit, no element overheating and the supply voltages are ok(I thing) and no issue with the connector.

What can help me is to have the measurement values with the diode tester (with the + connected to ground of the motherboard). I would like to know the measured values on the power circuits and transistors around the Panasonic hdmi controller.

Can somebody put the values measured on red points on the pictures?


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Thanks, you are the best.

So I checked all the pins and they are the same. But unfortunately, the ps5 doesn’t show anything. Please can you do the same measurements for all the pins of the Panasonic IC (big square IC on first picture)?

Somebody can do it please? ^^

Hello, I allow myself to send a message because I still have not found a solution to my problem. Could someone take some voltage measurements of the components around the HDMI encoder? (top and bottom of the motherboard please? Thank you;

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It’s crazy!!! All the values are ok but still no video output. But there must be a difference between my board and a good one right? Somebody could check the voltage that I did please?

I took the measurements when the ps5 is fully started (constant white light).

pretty much identical except one I circled in red

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Thank you, I will put it on the oscilloscope to see if there is any ripple on the 5V.

There is a small ripple square signal on the 4,6V line(about 20mVpp). I thing it’s normal for the tolerance of the ripple but it’s a bit to small compared with your measure (5.01V). Measuring the other side of the board could help to find the origin of the problem but I don’t think it’s possible to measure the other site because of the heatsink.

I checked other side and it’s connected to a resistance which I measure 99k. Can you confirm the value by measuring on the board please?

Did u check the tiny diodes and all the resistors ?

Did you manage to resolve? I have exactly the same issue

hello please can you write me type off diode is?

Good day I’m new i have a ps5 with missing components capacities and esr filters around the HDMI encoder but my main issue is the missing 5 pin chip can anyone identify the part and where i can get a replacement other than a donor

Thank you in advance.