PS5 Liquid Metal question

Hey guys!

I hope you can help me chill a little bit about this but I have a perfectly good working PS5 that I only run on weekends for a couple of hours, but I am very OCD and paranoid and always like to keep my electronics running perfectly (been dusting the PS5 regularly every 3 months and it’s clean as a whistle) and with all the liquid metal replacements I’ve been seeing lately, I’ve been wondering if mine has any of those ‘‘dry’’ spots that oxidize overtime. I am very capable to take it apart and check but never worked with liquid metal but again I’ve seen enough guides that I am sure I can take it apart to have a look at least. Should I do that or am I opening a can of worms for myself.
Any thoughts?

‘Never touch a running system’

If there are no indications of overheating, I wouldn’t worry about that topic.
Especially in your case, with regulary cleaning fan and heatsink.

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You would need to redo MOSFET, vram and most ic thermal putty replacement if you open up and move main board out of the cage. Depending on horizontal or vertical standing you mostly put your device. The liquid metal indeed has more chance leaving a dry/hot spot in the center-ish of the APU when vertical standing, but RARELY leaking out of the foam catch from Sony engineered. So don’t be OCD by the eye catching brain washed News from Internet.
Use it and have fun with what you paid for. :smirk:

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And ‘‘never change a winning team’’. Thanks for the tip Calvin!

Yeah, that’s exactly what I am gonna do, keep very clean and enjoy my console! Thanks!