PS5 no beep issue


My Playstation 5 has a issue, all reset methods failed. When i press the Power Button it gives me no beeps, no lights.

Now i checked the PSU, on the 2 Pins to the Mainboard, and here are 12.07V to the mosfets and capacitors. The PSU are working, when i press the power button, it have 12.07V stable.

what can i do or measure now?

Thanks !

For EDM-010: measure if 5v present on F7002 fuse both side and 3.3v present on the nearby/top inductor/coil.
For EDM-020: measure if 5v present on F7002 fuse both side. and 3.3v present on power button cable 1st/pin1(from left)

Yes, I have a EDM-010, I measure on F7002 black fuse on both side 5.075V, near at the filter both side 3.299V.

By the Way, I measured at the PWR Button PIN 3.3V and Eject Button 2,98V. That drops when I press the buttons.

I can’t post my measure picture, the 2 big alu caps nearby the F7002 over the EDM-010 has 0.00Volts.
The Alu Caps left side the input power (2 Red Alu Caps) have 0.00V.

This is normal.And looks like you have 5v 3.3v standby voltage ready. I guess either you have short or southbridge issue from no beeps.
Check if any short by the yellow circled area

Thank you, I measured in the circled area, but I found no short. All Filters are “good” an have 0.4 Ohms, and no shorts.

I found F7003, that has a value of over 100K, the other fuses have 0.4Ohms.

Now I measured the NCPs on the SoC Side.
The Datasheet from the NCP252160 says, pins 16 to 26 are VOUT.
Now I measured in diode mode, that the VOUT Side (pins 16 to 26) of all NCPs are shorted to Ground.
I Measured from VOUT Side to GND 0.7Ohms… I am on the wrong way?

that’s unusual as fuse never has resistance more than 0.x ohm usually(regardless of accuracy of DMM)

NCP252160 goes to CPU so low resistance is normal IMO

Why i Measure a Short Fromm VOUT to GND, when low Résistance Are good?

Vout goes to apu, and APU always low resistance to ground, which makes you think was a short

Okay, i understand.

I measured again, and I found no short in diode mode on the southbridge area.
A Question is, the 4 Pin connector left, I measured at top pin1 -1.088V, pin 2+3 and, pin4 12V…

On my EDM-020 in circled area i have shot at the lower side of big ceramic capasitor. No 5v at USB connector. 5v standby voltage ready.

I need to change the southbridge?