PS5 no dispay 3 beeps and solid white light

I have been troubleshooting my sons PS5 but no luck. It will power and stays on but during boot up there are 3 beeps and a solid white light. There is no display at all. I cannot even get a display for safe mode. Any suggestions?

Does controller sync after white lite?
Can you turn ps5 sleep by pressing power button after solid white lite on?

The controller does sync. I system does not seem to go to sleep mode from pressing button on the controller. Just stays with solid white light.

press power button on the ps5, not controller and check if it goes to sleep(yellow light blink and solid)

No change when pressing the power button on the console.

If the HDMI port is ok it’s something on the HDMI circuited. Propably HDMI ic, filter etc