PS5 No Display - Short on I5JL

I have PS5 that is not displaying out. Turns on, light does white but no display. HDMI looks fine. Have replaced encoder with no change, pin 18 is shorted to ground, as well as pin 4 on this 15JL shown in pitcture circled in red. Removing the I5JL did not clear short, short is present with encoder pulled. Other than the short all diode mode values for everthing around the encoder seem good, although some are a tad low but nothing more then .05 - .1 difference. Any ideas?

Oddly enough it was the cap above 1J5L that was causing the short. Issue now resolved.

HDMI PORT pin18 goes to pin4 on the “1J5L”/ TPS2553DDBVR.
I guess might be power surge went through hdmi cable

Very nice. I had something like that happen once on a PS4 pro (only time on PS4s). Used a power supply to detect bad cap. I actually had the same board that day from another PS4. I pulled its cap and read it with a tester then replaced. How did you know its value? Also, do you have a good source for encoders?

Just as you I had another board here to pull it from.

I have the same shorted cap. Is there a known value, I would pay for the info. Please let me know if anyone can assist me. THANK YOU!

As far as the caps value , do you happen to know…or wha a safe tolerance equivalent would be?

JUST take a glance of the datasheet you will find your answer

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YOU RULE!!! THANK YOU!!! 5v+ .01uf