PS5 - No power, beeps once

PS5 - No power, beeps once

Fresh in on the repair bench is a PS5 come with a no power issue. The console beeps once when you press the power button. Press the button again, nothing happens.

Testing so far:

I have 12V on the power supply prongs, along with 5V and 3.3V in a few places.

on the non-cpu side, I have found what I think are shorted caps. There is a vertical line of SMD caps that appear to be shorted to gnd, along with the two biggest sizes of caps in the area “underneath” the CPU. I think all the caps are connected, so which is shorted, who knows?


photo: 20220329_191959.jpg

  1. The SMD caps between the inductors are not supposed to be shorted to gnd, correct?


  1. The highlighted caps are not supposed to be shorted to gnd, correct?

  2. What voltages should be present when the PS5 is off?

  3. Where do I check for the voltages?

The caps at the SoC power lines have so low resistance that they allways seems to be short. I desoldered some caps at this lines and the capacity was very low. If the PS5 is switched on, you should get a voltage reading before it shuts down again.

If I got it right, the start button alternates between power off and standby.

Hi, I encountered the same problem. At first the power supply was dead, so I changed it. After that the console made a beep as soon as we pressed but nothing. I changed mn864739 and the console works again. We conclude that if the HDMI encoder is HS the console does not start.