PS5 - no power issue

Hi everyone,

I have a no power issue with my PS5.
No beep, no blue light.

I already checked the mosfets, they seem to be good.
In the following pictures you can see, where I found shorts on the board ( marked in red, the green area is fine.)
All the red marked capacitors and inductors are shorted.

As you can see in Picture 2, I lost a capacitor.
Would be great if someone could give me the value.

Pic 2

Pic 4

It would be great if someone could help me with this issue.
I don’t know what else I could check, cause I can’t find any spots getting hot.

Please check if both psu plug pins are not shorted to each other. (bottom left on your first pic)

The APU side of the mosfets/powerstages are very low impedance and often mistaken as shorted.
If the power input side is ok, there is no short at the APU side power input.

If the psu plug pins are not shorted to each other, plug in the psu and check if all relevant standby voltages are present.

The shorted caps on the third picture maybe your problem. Here you can apply a bit IPA and on pressing the start button the ic should try to power up this line.

Thanks for the tip with the start button - didn’t think about that.
I got rid of the short, one of the capacitors was getting hot.

The PSU is giving 12V and the pins are not shorted together. Looks good so far.
I didn’t now about the low resistance to ground on this line. Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately, my multimeter is a cheap one so I can not read the capacitors beside the shorted one to get the correct value.
So the only thing that’s missing on the board right now are the right capacitor out of the three ones marked in Pic 3 and the missing one at the bottom of Pic 2.

Anyone got thier values?

Does board turn on normal now?

Now I habe a 2 sec BLOD.
Bit the mentioned capacitor from Pic 2 is still missing.
Mayen that is Causing the problem?

It is a bypass cap. So it is not preventing the ps5 from booting.

If you now press the power button and measure around the Dialog ic, do you get the shown voltages?

Yes, I get all the readings shown on your picture and I can‘t find any shorts right now.