PS5 No power repair

Hello everyone
I am new to PS5 repairs but have some experience with soldering. I am trying to learn so please be understanding of my ignorance.

I am trying to fix my buddies original PS5. The PS5 may have had a power surge - It was not turning on. I found shorts around the HDMI IC and I replaced it. It now turns on to a white solid light but says no signal.

All research Ive done says the system has booted to the OS if you get the white light. Everything I can find around white light issues are HDMI port/HDMI Encoder issues. I tested the HDMI out with a breakout board and pins 15,16 and 18 are all shorted to ground when powered up but not shorted to ground when its unplugged. Is this an indication that the IC is bad or installed improperly?

Thank you.

Another question I have is my diode readings on HDMI pins are slightly lower than the readout I found online. Is this an indication of something. For example pin 19 is reading .667 when it shows .686 online. pin 18 shows .493 vs .542

have you tried replacing the HDMI port itself? maybe got damaged during the surge. Also there are a few small diodes around the HDMI port and on the back of the board in the same area. Might be worth testing these as well.