PS5 NOR / Flash dumps

I’m trying to find way to enabling UART0 output. Like it is possible on a ps4.
It would be very helpfull to see on a serial output where a problem apears.

Till now I found some offsets for other interesting values:

0x001C4020 = MAC LAN
0x001C6000 = MAC BT paired Controller each 8Bytes
0x001C7011 = 02 (BD) / 03 (digital) ← disables BD drive
0x001C7200 = MainboardSerial [40003E027837xxxx]
0x001C7210 = Serial [F11501XW41516xxxx]
0x001C7230 = Modell [CFI-1016A 01Y]
0x001C7250 = ?
0x001C7260 = ?
0x001C7270 = ? (BD Key ?) (only on BD dumps)
0x001C73C0 = MAC WLAN (3 MACs)
0X001C8068 = FW Versionnr
0x001C8C34 = FW Versionnr
0X001CB068 = FW Versionnr
0x001CBC34 = FW Versionnr

Any ideas wellcome.

0x001C4020 = MAC LAN mac_address?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the mac_address for LAN which is shown at the systeminfo.