PS5 - Not turning ON

Hey everyone, was playing Elden Ring when my PS5 shut off all of a sudden and I haven’t been able to turn it ON. No power surge/outage at home and no other device turned OFF when PS5 did.

When I try to turn it on using the POWER button, I can hear a single BEEP but no lights and no display.

I’ve tried:

A different AC cord
A different HDMI cord
A different HDMI port on TV
A different power strip
No power strip, direct to power outlet
A different power outlet
Tried to plug in controller using USB to turn ON
Attempted Safe Mode by holding down POWER
Tried to use a disc to turn it ON, but won’t take/pull it
Left it unplugged for 30+ minutes
Took off the two outer covers and checked vents for dust; very minimal dust, still cleaned it

Any other suggestions? Thinking about opening it up to check it further, but don’t have the tools yet.

It’s out of warranty, bought Nov 2020 and will cost $229 to repair with Sony, acoording to their website.

Any had any luck repairing their PS5 not turning ON?

You might as well send it in. $229 in not that bad of a price for repair. Power supplies once available will be pretty expensive.
I have gone through several NO Power PS5 systems. There are no parts available for this problem. Maybe once the supply chain catches up there will be parts.