PS5 Optical Disk Drive not Reading Disks

I have a PS5 disk version that I recently repaired , the optical disk drive is not reading games, I get the error which refers to the game is not compatible with the PS5, its a brand new game, I don’t think the disk drive is the original for the PS5. From what I am reading that the motherboard is paired with the drive? if this is the case, is there a way to pair them? Thanks,

try a dvd movie disc, I remember when disc drive(chip) is not matching the console, It will still read dvd but not a game disc.

Thanks …is there a way to get the chips to pair up? I need this console to read game disc.

Unless you still have the original disc drive which is paird with, you could transfer the daughter board to the new disc drive…
otherwise, no you can’t make any other drive paried again