Ps5 overheating on startup

My Ps5 has been overheating on start up when the led light turns white soon as possibly and can’t even restart the system or anything

The PS5 is getting hot realy fast. So if the fan isn’t spinning or the cooling system is clogged with dust and allows not enough airflow, the PS5 can shout down before started completely.

If your fan is spinning and the cooling system is clean, I would check the liquid metal on the SoC. The liquid metal tends to oxidize and builds up dry spots on the surface of the SoC, which also causes in problems in heat disappearance.

What’s the SoC for the Liquid Metal and what side is it

It is the main chip (APU). The liquid metal is there instead of thermal paste.
The liquid metal should be covering the whole middle part and shouldn’t look like in this pic.

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