Ps5 power issue - beeps on every press but is not turning on - no voltage drop on the 12 v rails no short .- fuses are ok - no signs of drop damage

hey guys,

this ps5 was working normal then suddenly started to behave like in the title. power supply was replaced and the ps5 started a few times and was deemed fixed. unplugged from power cord. a few weeks later wanted to start again but same issue returned. beeps on every press but not runing on. no voltage drop on 12 v rail when pressing power button. no shorts detected either. givin 12v/5a on 12 v rails draws 2v/5amps. fuses are ok. no signs of drop damage. any ideas?

best regards

I have had 4 machines in the last month with the same exact problem. Went through the whole mother board to see any physical issues (Caps or Fuses) and they all check out perfectly fine.
Put the power supply in a working PS5 and it boots up right away and stays on.

All 4 were being used or were on stand by mode when the power went out.

it startet to work again for the 2nd time and now it doesnt…what a strange error…

Last few days I got some PS5 with similar symptoms. They all beep and locked out power button pressing(no beep) and after 15-20sec beeps again.
Only one blue light shows 1sec and goes off. The rest PS5 only makes beeps but no Blue light.
Checked mobo, no short or blow fuse, PSU confirmed not the case.
Likely corrupted either on SSD firmware or NAND, standby 5v. 3v3 present all around, no short under SB as well.

My Ps5 with similar symtoms, beep, one second blue light and then shoutdown or sometimes stays on till white light, was fixed by reflowing/reballing the southbridge (I/O controller).