Ps5 Power Issue

So my ps5 fell off my nightstand and now when I turn it on the blue system light comes on for a split second the system beeps then it immediately turns off. It does this everytime attempt to boot. Help!!???

contact SONY for repair is your best choice in this case

I should have put this in the post but don’t didn’t repair it. They actually lied to me telling me they fixed it then I received it the same way it was. I called them and they told me that they deemed it out of warranty and pretty told me to F### off lol.

If you measure the power supply contacts at the mainboard during start, does the voltage drops?
I’m wondering, if it’s possible that the system stops the boot process if the power supply isn’t delivering enough power. In this case I would expect a drop from 12V till power cutoff.

I have two PS5s with same one-beep-blue-light-shut-down. The first had a hdmi port replacement and the previous owner told me, it worked after the replacement three week and the start with the issue. And the second is a dropped from the shelf one. After the fall it had the same symptoms.