PS5 powers on then off instantly

Can anyone help me diagnose the issue? Was playing Fortnite and the console went black and shut down. Trying to power it back on beeps, blue light comes on, then immediately shuts back down, pressing the power button again beeps but has no light until I press the power again where it then repeats the process.

I have tried changing power cables, outlet, surge protector/power strip, PSU and the HDMI cable with no success.

Not sure what else the issue could be but a few friends I asked suggested it could be a blown capacitor but not sure how to tell if that is the case, I opened it up but saw no signs of damage, had no dust anywhere either.
I can take a video of the issue if I did not describe it well.

Forgot to add, PS is CFI-1215B and PSU is ADP-400FR

if you can power on normally at cold boot, or letting the APU cool down like 30min to 1hour later, That would be likely liquid metal drift and left dry spot on your APU

Cannot power it on normally at all, no matter what I’ve tried so far it just turns on for ~1 seconds then powers off. Have tried leaving it off for days and that hasn’t helped either.

If you have a blue light, the issue is mostly on the mainboard side, because the southbridge has power and detects an internal problem with at least one of the components.

I would use a multimeter and check for shorts/voltages/continuity.

I’ll try to pick one up and do that then

I am having the same issues as well like @Calvin said. I found shorts on mine in the pictures. Can anyone with experience repairing PS5s advise one what these components are and or how to fix I have lots of soldering experience and was hoping someone could tell me where to look. I’m not sure if the big bank of components is supposed to have shorts but they do. The crispy looking component looks like it’s tied to the other side of the board at the other circled component. Thanks everyone I’m new here go easy on me I’m not a professional.

I don’t believe I have upload ability as a new user yet. So my post doesn’t make sense without the pictures…

What are the actual resistance reading to ground? Also what resistance do you get when you touch both leads together?

@johnny_debt the resistance to ground of the cap is 231 ohms and the coil big one labeled R22 is 23 ohms

sorry forgot both leads together is .4 ohms