PS5 Reads MP4 but no BlueRays

Hi everyone, I currently have a PS5 with a defective drive.

The drive accepts the CD, then you hear a few “clicks” and the motor starts briefly. Then it goes off again straight away, but the clicks remain for a while, so it sounds like the console is trying to read the CD but can’t do it mechanically. Unfortunately, I’m at a loss as to what I can do.
But I have now found out that the ps5 reads MP4 CDs. So it’s just the Blue Ray discs that aren’t read.

Check laser header condition. Clean or replace laser module accordingly.
CD/DVD uses less power than BlueRay Disc, unless your device has been disc drive swapped/daughter-board unmatched

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Thanks, I did not know that!
I bought the PS5 second handed, so i dont know if the drive is a replacement.
I already checked the Laser and cleaned all.
What do you reccomend doing? just a new laser?

Do you see the seal sticker been removed/worked on?
New laser will fix most disc reading issue. However if your disc drive board been swapped already, nothing you could do to make it work

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Why? is the pcb from the disk drive linked to the pcp of the ps5? or why do you think it will not work if i replace the disk drive?

Yes, the disc drive board has the SIE chip married/encrypted to the mainboard SOC. so it won’t work with different daughterboard.

Okay Thanks, but what works with another board? and is there a way to check if the board matches the pcb chip?

If your void sticker still good never been pilled off, your daughter board highly match. Else you could only install game disc to insure the board matched to the console.

I dont know if the sticker was good, but what happens if a install another board? will anything work?

I believe only CD, DVD work with unmatch daughterboard. I tested DVD only. Game disc cant recognize from unmatch board.

check if the sticker still all black or you see marks on the sitcker

the sticker on the disk drive? or the normal warranty sticker?

on the black hosing(check my upload picture). under the sticker has a hidden screw. You have to remove all 15x T9 and 1x SSD cover Philip screws in order to take out the disc driver in general.

Okay i think this sticker was alrady gone. But i will try replacing the laser!
Thanks a lot :smiley:

Did that fix it? I have the same problem currently. Reads dvd movies but no blu-ray games or movies

Hi, im currently waiting for a new laser. Maybe you have to try it First because the laser arrives on 15. October.

Please say If you found any solution