PS5 screen static then black screen

Hello everyone, im new here and hoping that i dont need to change a HDMI IC Encoder as i cant seem to locate one yet, but the ps5 was dropped we found a missing cap behind the hdmi port and replaced it but no changes.

If i do need a HDMI IC Encoder im guessing there is no alternative replacement?

Otherwise im also open to new ideas to try and locate the problem.

It would appear it would only show static on boot up while its in 480p and then once at dash board thats when it seems to remain on the black screen.

Why not send it to sony? The console is still under warranty

It already had a prior repair attempt so the warranty is void.

Well considering it was fall damaged it could be anything, or it might not even be fixable if the apu was damaged. If you can find a replacement hdmi ic you could try that. But based off that it goes to static it could be either the apu itself or in very rare cases the solder under the apu