Ps5 shorted APU?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying repairing a ps5 console.
It is completely dead. All the voltages are present as far as i can see.
There is a 0 ohm short on the apu power rail though. It takes 2.5 amp at 1.2 volts injection and the apu is getting warm.
I dont have thermal camera (there is one on it’s way though :slight_smile: )
There was some liquid metal spill though, i removed the foam and the sticker from the apu to be sure that nothing is getting shorted out by liquid metal.
I tried feeling with my fingers for hot spots and used alcohol for making heat vissible but with no luck. All the mosfets and caps stay cool, only the
Apu is getting warm…
Does anyone have any ideas what i could do as a next step ?