PS5 SHUTOFF IN 25seconds. LED on when power cord plug-in

I got this PS5 came in saying HDMI issue but turned out was mobo issue.
when power(AC) cord plug-in, the led turns on right after(fan spin), it triggers PS5 attempt to turn on by itself. I l tried unplugged every cable( led, power button, fan and front io). Whenever AC cord plug-in, it attempted to turn on but shutoff itself around 25sec. After that it beeps once when push power button but nothing happen, then power button locked for 10sec.Later push power button again, it will stays for another 25sec then same loop again.
I’ve seen one videos somewhere on YT have similar issue when AC cord plug-in, LED turns on by itself but could not find it.

FYI, all fuses checked ok. no visual damaged/poped components. SB area no short.
Within the 25sec blue light, 12v, 5v,3.3v,1.8v and 0.8v present and no voltage drop appear.