PS5 Slim EDM - 041 UART Hook up

I was curious if anyone knew the correct pad orientation to hook up my UART reader for the PS5 Slim EDM - 041 board? I have a no power issue and can’t seem to find any shorts on the board. It will beep every 10-20 seconds or so but no lights, no start up. I want to try to see any error codes before removing any ICs.
Also, I found a rail under the south bridge that seems to have voltage to ground but I don’t have another board to compare to to make sure it isn’t suppose to be this way. I would assume not but before I replace the SB, I would like to make sure. Any help is much apprecaited, thanks!

That rail has voltage cause the cmos battery providing 3.0v on that rail, you could remove the cmos battery and check again.

I would try these points for UART:

Awesome! Going to give it a shot right now and will let you know what I come up with. Thank you!

My apologies, I miss typed in my OP. The circled components are shorted to ground. I did not check to see if there was any voltage at those locations.

same, when there are voltages present on the rail, you will have short to ground/continuity beep.

Did the UART hookups work? Saves me some sniffing;-)

Yes, the hookups worked. I was able to run them on console service tool. unfortunately for me the severe code it was throwing was not in the system of trouble codes so I purchased the BWE code reader and working on setting that up to hopefully get some more information.