PS5 solid white light, no display

Boots fine. Can get to safe mode and I have tried tried the various options are apart from update. Have checked and replaced the hdmi also replaced the encoder IC but still no display. Also checked traces from the back of the encoder ic to the apu and they’re fine.

It can get to the home screen and going into sleep etc.

Any ideas ? I am at a loss

Should say replaced the hdmi port. Sorry on mobile.

filters? diods? other components? i few threads back you can find voltage readings…

I have this situation at the back of the board. I believe the apu may have an issue. What do you think? These are the differential pairs but I don’t know what these voltages should be

Continuity from encoder to hdmi pins
No shorts through filters
Replaced port
Replaced encoder
Continuity from the pictures filters above to the encoder

did you ever figure this out?