PS5 South Bridge and Crystal Oscillator

I have a PS5 in which I was getting a beep and blue light for a bit then it would shutdown. I swapped out the PSU thinking it maybe dropping in voltage. After I tested with a different PSU the console booted up to the white light. Tried shutting down and restarting but no go, it went back to its original state.

I was thinking it maybe the sought bridge and reflow it without reballing, this did not do anything and I lost the beep and the initialization amperage draw when the power is first plugged, the draw should eb around 300ma and no beep.

Thinking it might be the south bridge I swapped it out for a new and still no go. I was testing voltages and I am missing one side of the crystal osillator voltage, one side is 0.347 v and the other side is 0 but its supposed to me the same as the otherside. when the south bridge initialize does the crystal oscillator play a role and could it be preventing the console from the beeps and starting up?



I am thinking the crystal Oscillator may have been overheated but not sure since I have no way of testing it.

Hi Mike,

I have a similar issue.
Did you solve the problem?

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what are your symptoms? the voltages across the crystal OScillator corrected itself, the last time I troubleshot I reballled the SSD controller chip and only getting the initialization at 220 ma, I need to swap this out for a new one or one good known one, at least to correct the initialization amperage back .

I have another PS5 that had a long blue light but never turned white, I applied pressure to the GPU and that allowed it o go white n boot up, this solution was short lived as it went back to its original state, so the GPU will need to be reballed, I need to purchase an IR desoldering station which I do not have plans to do presently.

common components that affect the initialization amperage are, wifi chip, ssd controller, south bridge, HDMI encoder chip.

Thanks for you help.

The PS5 came in completely dead. Found a short in the Southbridge area which disappeared after replacing the Southbridge AND taking the Bios-Chip off the board for 20min. After reassembling I had a BLOD (blue light for one to two seconds then it turns off). A day later (without touching anything) I got a pulsing blue light and I was able to boot into safe mode. It worked for around two days - now the BLOD is back. While it was working, it had intermittent starting problems (sometimes I had to push the start button twice before it booted).

In standby it’s pulling 300mA for a few seconds then dropping to 6mA.
I am going to reprogram the bios, but have no dump for my CFI-1116B (digital edition) at the moment.

P.S. I have around 0.8V on both sides of the crystal.

in standby mode it is normal to go to 300ma + then drop back down to 9-12 ma. It sounds like the GPU may need to be reballed ( removed and reballed) , see if you can press down on the GPU while turning on, if that works then that is the issue. you can use washers to give extra force on the GPU from the heat sink. do you have a IR camera, you can see if the ram light up during turning on, I suspect they do since you are able to initialize the startup.

If the PS5 booted normal with this bios, the data on this nor is not the problem.