PS5 South Bridge and Crystal Oscillator

I have a PS5 in which I was getting a beep and blue light for a bit then it would shutdown. I swapped out the PSU thinking it maybe dropping in voltage. After I tested with a different PSU the console booted up to the white light. Tried shutting down and restarting but no go, it went back to its original state.

I was thinking it maybe the sought bridge and reflow it without reballing, this did not do anything and I lost the beep and the initialization amperage draw when the power is first plugged, the draw should eb around 300ma and no beep.

Thinking it might be the south bridge I swapped it out for a new and still no go. I was testing voltages and I am missing one side of the crystal osillator voltage, one side is 0.347 v and the other side is 0 but its supposed to me the same as the otherside. when the south bridge initialize does the crystal oscillator play a role and could it be preventing the console from the beeps and starting up?



I am thinking the crystal Oscillator may have been overheated but not sure since I have no way of testing it.