Ps5 thermal putty

Good morning, I do a full clean of my ps5 but unfortunately for radiator access i had to remove the upper shield (front usb flat guilty) and I would like to replace the thermal putty on… Anyone knows what is the specific kind of thermal putty is? Thank you

use 1.5mm or 2mm thermal pad at best, especially APU inductor and mosfet array needs more love

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Hello! thanks for your reply; the fact that there is a putty instead of pads it make me think that the thickness between plate and chips are not so specific, but did you try that thickness or put it and re remove the shield to see effectively if 1.5mm does the job? let me know!

I haven’t personally tried putting on thermal pads(planning),but from my measurement on the original compressed thermal putty thickness. Averagely the original putty closes to 0.7~0.9mm. So my guess 1.5mm should be a good choice for SSD, DRAM or most original putty replacement, except APU mosfets arrays I believe slightly thicker(2mm) would work better since they sit in between taller inductor and capacitor arrays.

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Really: thank you for this. I much appreciate, I will buy 1.5 and 2mm sets an try.

finally I treated mosfet vram and ssd chip with k5-pro