PS5 UART usb serial reader CH314A 3.3V mod

Here a little image of my CH314A with a 3.3V mod for use with the TX/RX from southbride of the PS5.

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This are the UART points on the board



There are different programs for communication:

PS5 wee tools: GitHub - andy-man/ps5-wee-tools: Tools for PS5 NOR manipulations
Here is a bit of manual typing commands necessary:

At main menu:

  • choose: (2: Terminal (UART))
  • choose correct COM Port with reader
  • press ‘CTRL+E’ to enter EMC cmd mode
  • type ‘errlog 0’
  • type ‘errlog 1’
  • answers looks like:
    errlog 0: OK 00000000 80810001 166A347C FFFF0042 00000000 217C 0004 FFFF FFFF:BA
    The bold is the error number. You can check the error list for the meaning: PS5 UART commands | - The Independent Video Game Community
  • if the answer is FFFFFFFF you reached the end of the error logs
  • with ‘errlog clear’ you can reset all error logs

An all in one free solution is:
PS5CodeReader (Not the one from BwE) GitHub - amoamare/PS5CodeReader: Playstation 5 Code Reader (UART)
Here you only start the program and after some waiting the results apear.

Great information! Thank you for sharing

The correct name of the programmer is CH341A.