PS5 won't turn on after electrical storm

Hi All - I’m new here. Been watching the channel on YouTube for a while and am I big fan.

We just had a big electrical storm where I am, during which, we heard a really loud clicking sound followed by all of the devices on one of our surge protectors restarting. Every device came back on except my PS5 which was in rest mode. I should also note that I have my PS5 plugged in via ethernet to my router. After the storm, my modem’s ethernet port which feeds my router also seems to be fried. I’ve heard of surges traveling through ethernet before and wonder if it somehow effected the PS5, or, despite the PS5 being plugged in to a surge protector, it is still fried.

I tried a bunch of things that I found online, including trying different power cables, different plug sockets, as well as unplugging from the back of the PS5, and holding the power button down for 10 seconds. Nothing works which makes me think the power supply is gone. If the PSU is gone, is that fixable?

Thanks all.

Your best bet is to call the store you bought the console from as you still have warranty. If that doesn’t work, call Sony. If neither count that as warranty, use your credit cards warranty service if you got it that way.

A power surge can cause damage is many areas, and as such will be very expensive to repair yourself.

If you find that it’s not covered by warranty, nor are you willing to pay for a repair, someone like me would be happy to buy this damaged unit off of you to learn how to repair PS5’s.

I received one PS5 from customer days ago which was same storm story like you had.
It turned out internal power supply dead and may even kill APU but not confirmed since nowhere sells replacement PSU

I’d be curious to know what the cause of failure is in the PSU, is it the bridge recitifier or fets or other if you figure it out :+1:

I remembered it was the Opto-isolator blown and dc side mos and ic short

Thanks for the info, good to know.

Were you able to get it back up and runnnig?

To the OP, if you feel comfortable doing it, might be worth cracking the PSU open and posting pics, somebody maybe able to spot something and help you out, but obviously be careful, I know back on the PS4 PSU, the caps held a charge for a considerable amount of time… doing the old discharge with a screwdriver would make a good bang :open_mouth:

Thanks all for the replies - unfortunately, I am nowhere near experienced enough to attempt to repair something like this myself. I opted to send the unit to Sony in hopes that they can fix it. Hopefully the damage isn’t more extensive than just the psu. I highly doubt they’ll give me any sort of indepth notes back, but I’ll be happy to post any results if they relay them to me.

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While its possible it can kill the apu, it would be more likely to be a fuse that was blown in the power supply or on the motherboard