PSU Bad Transformer?

I have a blown PS5 Power Supply and this part looks like it has seen better days. Guessing it is some kind of transformer, but I can’t find any info on it. any one have any ideas the printing on it says DCWM2045 12/1k45

It is a big coil. The two big wires should have continuity and the little one with the little wire is connected to the surrounding belt and to ground. The secound little one is also connected to ground but seems only to be a fourth foot to stand.

Thanks for the info!

PS5 power supply ADP-400ER

The PS5 was dropped and the legs of this transformer were damaged. The pic is of the specs on the transformer. I replaced the transformer with one from another non working ps5 PSU. Now when power is introduced it is blowing the fuse. Im just wondering if the replacement transformer was the same as the original and also if these specs tell anyone anything because I can’t identify it.