PSVita slim - seeking smart people

Sorry in advance for long explaination of the issue.

So I pulled out my old ps vita slim. It would take a charge but i couldnt get it to power on. I cracked er open, disconnected battery, poked around, reseated the flex cable between the power button and the motherboard. Eventually got things to the current state.

I can use the power button to turn the device on, however subsequent presses of the power button get no response.
The left joystick does not work on the home screen, if i open an app/game it works fine.
The home button will either not work or it will work as follows - 1x short press = appropriate response followed be a second response (long press). Basically its as if i press it once, then immediate press and hold. OR it will just act as if i press and hold (even though i only press and release)

That said, while playing around i can get it the experience brief (15 sec) periods where all works as it should. Though ive yet to determine what causes it to work as it should.

Everything is clean except for a small spot on the left controller board, i cleaned with ipa, flex cable it intact, all other boards are spotless. Dunno where to turn next except for buying and swapping parts. Looking for ideas.