Purple graphics

Hi Shawn, been a subscriber for two years, first time needing your help. I am having issues with my Series S. Things that should be clear are coming up purple. A concrete example is air patterns and footsteps in Jedi: Fallen Order, or air in the Cenote in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Since it happens after it gets hot, I am guessing it is a heat issue.

For my background, I have built my own PCs from motherboards up for 30 years.

Following your teardown instructions, I got Artic MX 4 heatsink compound, opened up the S, used isopropyl alcohol to clean the GPU area, and followed your lead in terms of adding “the perfect amount of thermal paste”, and put it back together. There was no dust whatsoever inside the unit.

The unit fires up fine, it plays video fine, but I am having the same problem with game graphics. I have factory reset the unit with games in place. I have run it on both my 55" Sony X80J and my LG 24" Freensync monitor, and get the same glitch, so it’s definitely the Series S unit.

Microsoft has helpfully offered to fix the unit for $200, but I am wondering, do you or anyone here have any ideas? Thanks in advance.