Put new Disc drive in. No working

I put a new disc drive in my ps4 original model CUH 1116A. I changed over the logic boards and it is the right disc drive. It accepts a game but I hear it trying to load the disc and theres lots of clicking and other noises coming from it. I tried installing god of war and it got like 120mb/9GB from the disc then stopped. The disc drive is 2nd hand but from a reliable dealer, any ideas?

When you say you changed over the logic boards, you mean you kept the original drive board right? It will only work properly with the original board.

Also, what was the original issue with the drive that prompted the replacement in the first place?

If you are using the correct board and it still doesn’t work, then it could be the following I guess:

  • PS4 mainboard issue, hard to diagnose without expert knowledge

  • BD board issue, could be ruled out by trying the other board and seeing what the difference in behaviour is; maybe it gets further along and installs, but then gives the usual CE-XXXX error which is associated with incorrect BD board. Then you would know that it is the board at fault, or if it’s the same, then you could say it’s likely not the board

  • Issue with the laser. These can be swapped without worrying about boards etc, you could take it from your old drive and swap it in. It’s very easy.

Other than that I can’t think of anything, maybe the power supply…could be not receiving enough power sometimes, but this is pretty unlikely tbh.

Hope this helps.