Put new hard drive in

I put a new hard drive in my PS4 and when it goes into safe mode all the options are greyed out but option 7 I plug the USB in to install the update but it comes up with an error cannot find file I’m lost on what to do

Have you tried with a different flash drive?

Yes I did that 1st one I tried was brand new n just got another today n same issue

Are you using the correct folder structure? Make sure the drive is formatted as FAT32 not NTFS etc. and lastly, make sure you have the system re-install file, not the update file. (The System Install file is around 1GB)

Yes it is FAT32 n yes that’s the one I’m getting but it’s only 97gb tho

I have the USB folders as PS4 , UPDATE, PS4UPDATE.PUP

Okay, the system re-install file should be 1GB in size, no less.

Go here: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/ps4-system-software/
Make sure to download “PS4 system software reinstallation file” NOT the update file.
Then put that on your USB and try again and let us know how you go.

Ok thank you n I will

That came up as only 0.97GB to

Okay. Are you using the latest software?
What software version were you running on before? Or do you get a prompt like, “Insert a USB with firmware 6.5 or higher” - Something I have noticed once is I had a PS4 on firmware 2.0 or something really low, I wasn’t able to go straight to Firmware 7.0, I had to go to Firmware 4.0 then 7.0. It may be worthwhile trying a lower firmware version.

If I recall I was 7.0 or 7.01 it does say update to 7.02 or higher I tried the 6. Something earlier still didn’t work tho came up with same error SU-41350-3 n when I downloaded that update for some reason I don’t get the 1GB it’s always 0.97GB to I seen to use a 3.0 flash drive which I wouldn’t think that mattered but I tried it anyhow lol the hard drive is a 32GB so I kn it’s plenty big enough