PWM ic chip ps4, Ps4 no beep no light

Does anyone know how this looks like or have an image? My ps4 is not turning on no beep no light. I tried swapping the psu but no love at all. So my next thought is the chip pwm ic chip or power management chip. when I type it in google it keeps coming up a bunch of different ic chip that doesnt say that its pwm i c

i think its a rt5069a gv 2ja0t chip

rt5069a gqv 2ja0t chip tho i think the 2ja0t is just the batch number

Thalo did you ever find out where the power management IC chip is? I have a PS4 CUH-1115A motherboard SAB-001. Mine will not turn on whatsoever…no cockroaches. Hopefully you have the time to respond.