Question regarding caps around ALC5639

Hey all,

I managed to send 3 caps between the ALC5639 chip and the FPC connector flying off into the ether and am struggling to determine with confidence exactly what size/rating I need to look out for as replacements. I can’t post pics or links, so I’m hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the general cap situation around ALC5639. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Everything I try to link the pic is not letting me do it… here it is separated out:

imgur . com /RSlGLS8

check from Pg7

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Thanks, that was helpful. Based on the Datasheet, it appears I’m looking at

  1. 2.2uF/6.3v
  2. 0.1uF/6.3v
  3. 10uF/6.3v

The problem I’m facing now is determining what size they are (0402, 0603, etc.). Is anyone able to confirm?

smallest is 0201
So I guess #1 0402 #2 0201 #3 0603. Don’t have lite board by hand, Sorry

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Thanks again, those sizes seem highly likely to me. I’m ordering the caps and will add the final solution to this post for posterity.

Anybody know if these capacitor values ended up being correct? I’m trying to fix a switch lite with error 2153-0321 so I was changing out the ALC5639 and disturbed those same 3 caps as OP. I measured them while off the board and got 3.9uf for cap #3. Wondering if I maybe stumbled on my problem or OP had the wrong value for #3. Looking at the datasheet as a layperson I don’t see where they got 10uf for cap #3. Any guidance would would be greatly appreciated!

Now I see where they got 10uf so apparently my cap faulty. Lucky duck.

Good luck getting that 0201 back in position. Was a huge pain without a micropencil. Try not find to turn that FPC connector into a goopy mess too…

Man I gotta say your post absolutely made the difference in my repair. Thanks! I got the caps back on with hot air and used some aluminum tape to protect the FPC connectors. I ended up actually replacing 3 other caps around the ALC5639 before sound started working again. The chip wasn’t the problem it was the faulty caps.

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To avoid melting the fan connector on a switch lite, you can actually bottom hot air removing connector first, then work on the ALC audio chip or the close by area :joy:
FYI, white FPC connector tends to be more easier got melt than black ones :sweat_smile:(LCD or game cartridge one)