Quick Question on No Display issue! Thanks and Howdy all :)

Heya all. I recently picked up an Original Xbox one. Its a ebay purchase, and the seller said this one had a damaged HDMI port. I thought was going to be an easy fix, until i got the console.

Console does power on, all good these. Eject also seems to work and will accept disks, but, I dont think the hdmi port is the issue. It IS slightly loose, but pins and port look ok. Usually if its just loose the issue would be intermitten.

The other thing I noticed is, The sync button does not work. Physically the connections are good, however, pressing the sync button does not cause the lights to flash. Also even plugging a controller in, the system doesnt recognize it either. Almost like its not fully booting or something.

The HDMI IC chip, does anyone know if that would have any effect on the console continuing to boot, and cause such issues? Just wondering if anyone had any experience.

Anytho. Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Fixed it. Wasnt the HDMI port or the IC, turns out it WAS the hard drive. Had a spare SSD laying around and decided to just try to turn it into an xbox drive.

Works great now.

So if anyone ever has the black screen issue, and it also doesnt sync at all, it DEF can be the hard drive.

Good trick is to connect headphones to controller. If you can hear the menu sounds from the headphones then it’s hdmi-based problem. If you don’t hear anything then it’s likely HDD-issue.

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