R2 inconsistent on custom controller

Long story short, this is a custom dualsense controller. The R2 trigger has a mouse click mod. While I’m in game and hold down R2, it’ll be intermittent as if I was pressing it at random intervals. Like if I’m shooting an automatic gun, it would shoot like 5 bullets stop, 2 bullets stop, etc.

I took it apart but not too familiar with this stuff so curious if anyone else sees anything obvious that could be wrong. The company went out of business so I basically have to fix it myself.


Hard to tell for certain but looks like they might have used the extremerate click for the triggers, this is a guess.

I’ve had terrible luck with these extremerate trigger mods, I’m on my second this month, they fail at a really high rate, and stop clicking or start registering randomly, may be worth replacing with the extremerate kit, I myself am ready to take my loss on these and just get the Dualsense edge.