Random loss of input without controller turning off

I play Apex Legends pretty avidly on my PC through Steam with an Elite Series 2 controller plugged in with a usb c. It has held up for about 2 years now and been my favorite controller ever. Recently though, I will be playing and every input will completely go unregistered in game. I look down and the controller doesn’t show ANY signs of loss of power or change. It still has the solid xbox light, the profile is selected as normal, and nothing visibly happened from what I can tell. Unplugging it and plugging it back in gets it back online but its gotten worse to where it will do it every other minute or so.

I first thought it might be the USB C port going bad, but I feel like the controller would go into its “on but not connected to anything” blinking state if that were the case. I have a backup controller that is also and Elite Series 2 and so far it has had 0 issues like this, which leads me to believe it has to be the controller itself and not a failure of the PC recognizing the controller or anything.

Any ideas? I am at a loss.