Random Shut Downs

Hey guys!

I’m working on a Slim. Initial issue was that it was randomly turning off while booting/reaching menu.

I tested it. Tried to reinitialize but it would power off during. I decided to replace the power supply.

Replaced power supply and hard drive with known working ones and it still has the exact same issue. Tested on different power cables as well.

Any thoughts on where to look?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe it’s software fault you never know but try to go to boot menu and try to do something there. I don’t know much about that PS error but you should maybe watch YouTube video or something.
Kind regards

Just going to give this a little bump. Still searching for a solution. Could it be APU related?

The PSU works fine in another Slim. I’ve cleaned the console top to bottom, new paste, it has all its thermal pads, connections are all good. Fan comes on fine, hard drive is fine.

I was able to get it started but it shut down before I completed the setup.