Rapid battery drain


I’ve changed the battery, bq chip, mt chip and tegra chip but the battery is still draining rapidly. Anyone know what else could cause this ?


Check temps of dcdc converters with a normal mainboard and look out what gets hotter than usual, then replace that part

Thanks tried that. Heat is the same on both boards . No excess heat. Strange one this.


Maybe this will sounds dumb but, is the Nintendo switch draining equal if the joy cons are connected to the switch or not?

Just want to make sure its not related to the Joy cons.

Same either way. Really at a loss with this one.

How much higher is the current draw compared to a normal board?

Did you get this fixed I have same problem on v1 switch

Nope it was used as a donor board in the end. Sorry

Check for corrosion on some connections of ribbon. Mine was a water damage that had the same symtom and was able to located the corrosion at the fan connector.

Just changed the joy con rails on the switch and now the Wi-Fi, game cart reader and touch won’t work ffs :man_facepalming: and the battery still drains form 65% to 20 % form midnight till 7 am couldn’t seem any Corrosion when I had the mother board out and cleaned everything with ipa ( joy on rails changed as old ones were loose and kept disconnecting )

I would just make sure that the game card reader is connected correctly and there are no damaged pins… wouldn’t help with wifi though.

Looked at both under the scope yesterday the look good, it’s a v1 switch 2017