Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop 2019 Fan Not Running

Hello, I got the Razer laptop at the beginning of 2020 and after a year, one of the fans stopped working. I have been running the fans on high with other external fans blowing on it, because I run it on my desk and run games on medium.

My First thought is that the fan must need cleaning, so I cleaned it by blowing air on it and the fans were cleaned. However, after starting it up the fan didn’t spin, I waited a while to see if the fans needed time, they didn’t start.

Next thought was the fans need replacing, so I bought the fan on eBay for 30 dollars, replaced it but it didn’t spin. I botched the original fan because I’m stupid.

I bought a desktop because I needed it for classes, and I haven’t had time to look up a repair store or a go into forum, but now I would like to fix it.

I don’t know much about the bios settings and working with it, so I was wondering if the bios will help figuring out if the fans need setting change or it is a hardware problem.


Sadly, an OEM BIOS doesn’t give you much option in this regard, unless we are talking about the cpu fan.

You can try checking the connection to the motherboard. Make sure it’s plugged in to the right connector. Check for possible corrosion/liquid damage or alike at the connector. If you got one, try a different connector or a different device to verify if the fan is working. If this doesn’t help you, I would contact (if you still got warranty, which I think you voided by opening the device, but different countries got different laws) the customer support of your laptops manufacturer. There is sadly not much else you can do with no knowledge/tools.